Ubuntu14 Redirected back to login screen after entering correct credentials

I wanted to discuss one issue I ran into today and how I fixed it, in case someone runs across the same issue.

The Problem
I was prompted to do an update after logging in. In the middle of the update I was prompted whether to update various configuration files for fglrx, I accidently pressed ‘no’ for the first option and ‘yes’ for all subsequent options. That ruined my configuration. After starting the computer later, I tried to login with the correct credentials and it would just return to the login page (playing the same sound you would hear once you land on the login page).

The Solution

  • Reinstall your graphics driver
  • Return to default setup when you install ubuntu desktop

To reinstall your graphics driver:
You can access terminal as if you are running the server addition by pressing ctrl+alt+f4.

If you ever need to go back (though you shouldn’t for these instructions) you would press ctrl+alt+f7.

My video card is from AMD so that is what I will talk about for this article. First you had to remove everything pertaining to fglrx with the following command:
sudo apt-get purge "fglrx.*"

Then install it again as you would have the first time
sudo apt-get install fglrx

Then what I did (which I’m not sure if its necessary or not) is remove the .XAuthority file found in /home/username using the following command
rm .XAuthority

Then reboot Ubuntu, which I’m pretty sure is the following command
sudo reboot