ATM Simulation

Role: Software Engineering and Management Student
Course: SFWR ENG 4HC3: Human-Computer Interfaces
Team Size: 4
Project Term: October 2014

Requirements Summary:
4HC3 Assignment 2

My Role:
To work with two other software engineers and build the ATM simulation based on our design from the first assignment. I ended up only having the four days prior to the due date to work on the code and the other two did not work on it at all. In addition this was my first time building an application on Visual Studio and had to learn it within these four days. One attempted to help a day prior but his computer broke down. The other came in too late for us to incorporate his bug fixes which were few and minor. I ran out of time so there are some missing functions and design components that I wished to add but I had completed all the essential functionality.

Our fourth member was a grad student who does not have any background in programming so he worked mostly on the documents associated with the assignment.

ATM Simulator