Kinect Research App

Role: Software Engineering and Management Student
Course: SFWR ENG 4HC3 : Human-Computer Interfaces
Team Size: 2
Project Term: November 2014 – December 2014

Requirements Summary:
Research Project 3rd Milestone Instruction

My Role:

My role was almost exclusively was creating the software that was to be used for the research project. At first I misunderstood my partner when he described to me FAAST, a middle ware that converts Kinect signals for common gestures that you can program into keyboard inputs. I originally spent time going through the Kinect for 360 API and played around to get the gestures working. Once I got the first one working, our 360 Kinect died on us (the wires were modified to work with computers and was flimsy). Fortunately the app still worked with FAAST and that allowed me to use the program as is and instead worry about finding another 360 Kinect that we could use.


With the software that I made and the report that my partner made, together we achieved a grade of 95% for this deliverable.