Role: Software Engineering and Management Student
Course: None (Freelance)
Team Size: 1
When: October 2014 – January 2015

Requirements Summary:
The website consisted of an admin site and a site for regular customers. To respect the idea it will not be specified here but it will be mentioned is the foundational components of the idea is similar to Kijiji.

My Role:
To take mockups and graphical assets from the founders (Abdulrahman Khodr, Ahmad Khodr, Zarak Aslam) and turn them into a website. There needed to be an interface to update user data as the founders do not have knowledge of SQL, nor experience using non-graphical operating system installations to maintain the server.


The founders decided to cancel the startup idea but have given me permission to share the code here .

Code: https://github.com/ProgrammingPony/swappza-fake