Muslim Professional Mentoring App

Role: Side Project
Team Size: 1 Technical, 1 Business
Project Term: September 2016 – July 2019

Requirements Summary:
Create an application that allows Muslims to:

  • Connect with other Muslims who share similar interests
  • Give mentors the opportunity to advise others, both in personal chats and in group chats

The build at the time the project was cancelled included:

  • Glassfish
  • Hibernate
  • Android
  • Jersey 2 (JAX-RS)
  • Jersey Test Framework (uses JUnit testing)
  • JUnit
  • PostgreSQL
  • Maven for dependencies
  • GIT for version control

Result (So Far):
The Android app, so far, has been released as a functionless wireframe on the Google Play store to retrieve advise from users. It will be updated once the RESTlike webservice is complete with the functionalities necessary for initial launch.

The profile management features, except the handling of profile pictures, has been implemented, along with their JUnit test cases.

Business discussions with co-founder and others lead to a decision that this may not be the most effective medium for accomplishing the mission and another non-technical imitative is in the works.