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Software Developer
Tata Consultancy Services

  • Implemented a JavaFX program which retrieves logs given a query and web application, via SSH and SFTP, from multiple production servers concurrently, significantly reducing the time required to complete the task
  • Automated the task of creating production log archives and managing disk space on production servers using a BASH script scheduled on crontab, reducing the number of hours spent on both tasks
  • Determining root cause of incidents impacting multiple customers by analyzing production logs as well Spring/Play/Angular application code, REST/SOAP requests and responses, querying Cassandra/SQL Server databases
  • Investigating system errors reported by analytics tools such as Adobe Omniture and taking actions to eliminate less visible errors from production
  • Training team members how to use application logs, code, and configurations to perform root cause analysis as well as disseminating knowledge of supported applications required for them to succeed
  • Engaging other production support teams when collaboration is required to resolve production incidents
  • Deploying releases to production using Bamboo and debugging configuration issues when they arise
  • Applying workarounds to resolve customer issues using SQL queries as well as web application management tools
  • Asserting sufficient knowledge, documentation and resources are provided to the team to support new projects before it moves to production

Contract Programmer

  • Added new features to existing web applications which run on PHP, PostgreSQL and Smarty
  • Investigated and corrected both visual defects failures as well as bugs in backend logic
  • Prepared deployment instructions after completion of each use case
  • Suggested process changes for deployment and development which resulted in a reduction of error when new use cases are introduced to production environment

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
McMaster University

  • Engaging students to reinforce their knowledge of concepts in tutorials
  • Actively made suggestions to instructor which he adopted and improved the performance of students
  • Evaluating quizzes, bi-weekly, for approximately 210 students

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
McMaster University

  • Supervised lab for digital systems and interfacing
  • Evaluated FPGA configurations and associated Verilog code relative to requirements
  • Assisted students with technical issues relating to their programs and Verilog code
  • Displayed trust by taking steps to ensure expensive hardware was not stolen

Web Developer

  • Created using WordPress a web application for a real client in the restaurant industry
  • Quickly learned majority of knowledge required to complete tasks through independent research
  • Worked with a colleague in separate homes with no supervision
  • Communicated with boss via phone conferences and physical meetings
  • Entrusted with sensitive solution information necessary to complete tasks
  • Professionally communicated with client to retrieve media content required to complete web solution


  • Displayed effective communication which resulted in a client achieving a 12 (90%+) in an engineering math course
  • Elicited feedback from clients regarding satisfaction with teaching style and academic results
  • Subjects taught included Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital System Principles and Logic Co-Design, Ordinary and Partial Differentials, Discrete Mathematics and Logic, Mathematical Modeling of Systems, Computer Architecture and Graphics Processing, Requirements Engineering, Large-System Design, Concurrent Program Design, Principles of Programming