Pong (Verilog)

Role: Software Engineering and Management Student
Course: SFWR ENG 2DA4: Digital Systems and Interfacing
Team Size: 4
Project Term: November 2013 – December 2013

Requirements Summary:
We were supposed to select a difficult project which, after approval, we were supposed to complete within two weeks. Each group was limited to at most 4 persons.

My Role:
My role was completed together with a partner. We found a keyboard driver online and setup the code to run the two 7 segment LEDs on our board to show the score of both players. After that we realized the other pair in the group needed assistance so we stepped in to help them integrate the VGA driver into our project. Specifically we changed the frame rate so that it is more smooth on the monitor we were working with and helped to fix a bug in the movement of the pong.

There was a struggle to get access to the FPGAs and resources we needed to complete the lab. We ensured we got around that by using the resources early so that we didn’t have to compete with classmates near the due date!

Pong in Verilog
I’m pretty certain our grade was either 95% or 100% for our project.