A Tour in a Mandelbox


Role: Software Engineering and Management Student
Course: SFWR ENG 4F03: Distributed Computer Systems
Team Size: 4
Project Term: March 2015

Requirements Summary:
A Tour in Mandelbox Project Description

My Role:
My main role was to take the main.cc file that was given to us and to make a creative set of movements for the camera to make the user feel like they are travelling through a Mandelbox. After doing a lot of trial and error I devised a series of step wise functions which were used for the camera movement.

Our original video we made while testing on a lower resolution was faster but I believe when we increased the resolution the frames did move as fast. I assume it likely had something to do with the algorithm used in the Mandelbox code.

Mandelbox Code
Resulting Video (PS I had nothing to do with the music added!)